Amy McIntyre

The only thing you need to know about me is that I’m the one that brings it all together and makes it happen. As a video producer, I handle more logistics than anyone will ever care to think about; talent, crew, props, locations, permits, scheduling, budget, wardrobe, travel, equipment… I’m in charge of it all. The funny thing is that I love it and thrive under pressure. Something always goes wrong in the production world and I love the challenge of figuring out how to fix it in the least amount of time, money and steps.

We started WMV Productions, our Nashville video production company, because we love to create videos that bring results. People trust us with conveying their vision, their product, their life’s mission and we take that job seriously. We do extensive pre-production to make sure that the client’s vision is clear to our team and that the call to action is solid. This process allows us to work remotely with clients all over the world without them ever having to travel to us.

People always want to know how I got in to “show” business. I’ve been a performer my whole life and when I was given the opportunity to take my passion, fitness, and put it on camera, I was hooked. I have gained thousands of hours of on-camera experience, written 2 books, learned to direct, produce and work the equipment behind the camera. My early days in finance and a degree in organizational leadership and supervision from Purdue University have given WMV Productions the business edge that so many creative companies lack.

– Video Production
– Project Management
– Content Creation

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