Chris Breshears

Award winning producer, director, designer and eLearning producer.

Multiple years working in web start-up environments. Focusing on user acquisition, retention and user experience design.

Over 25 years designing, producing, directing, editing and shooting marketing campaigns.

Created two of the first 100 podcasts. The Daily Download and Bandtrax. The Daily Download was in the itunes top 25 before having the distinction of being the first podcast banned by Apple. BandTrax was the first podcast to have a store that sold the music from the artists that they played.

Created the first php podcast uploader / feed buillder (bliss post)

Founding member of The Association of Music Podcasting, and creator of the first cleared music for podcasting database. Which went on to become the PodSafe Music Network.


Course development, Team & project management, LMS customization, Video streaming technologies

SEO, SEM, Social Media, User acquisition and retention, User experience design

Video Production:
Extensive shooting, directing, producing, writing, editing, and motion graphics experience.

Software experience:
After Effects, Final Cut, Motion, Color, Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, LightWave

Python, Django, Postgres, PHP, Mysql, and Javascript development experience.

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