Chris McIntyre

I am a product designer. It is my job to observe and understand any significant patterns of human behavior, to discover the motivations or impulses that drive them, and to design the tools that help people make the most of them. Because of this, I often build things – both physical and digital. I base much of my work on psychology, emotion, and data to create meaningful experiences.

Being a builder, I love startups. I have previously been the founder (or a founding member of) Podcast Alley,, the Jumpstart Foundry, PodShow/Mevio and Change Healthcare. Most recently I started Southern Made and I meet regularly with startups in the south on topics such as: entrepreneurship, user engagement, user experience, healthcare, big data and the insanity of running a small business in the exploding startup scene in Nashville.

I am passionate about education, user engagement, entrepreneurship, healthcare, building and maintaining company culture, gardening, cycling and so much more. Bring up a topic and I will add 3 new startups to my growing list in Evernote of “things I want to build”.

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