Andrew Grumet

Experienced software builder effective in both coding and leadership roles. I thrive on the challenge of creating great products and pushing the state of the art. I have experience with…

Geoff Smith

Geoff Smith is a Nashville based music composer, producer, performer, manager, and multi-business entrepreneur.Geoff is currently one of the most in demand writers of jingles and theme songs for new

MB Linder

Entrepreneur, Foreign Currency Trader, Investor, New Media Producer and former Fortune 500 executive. Managing Partner of ND Partners, LLC (Owner & Operator of Sola Salons in DFW, Texas) and Founder/Principle

Tom Krymkowski

As a Cinematographer I bring my skills in composition, lighting and camera movement to help people tell their stories. This skill set also lends itself to work assisting with post-production

Joe Carpenter

Project manager, technologist, and tinker of processes I am an experienced project manager with a deep understanding of process flows, automation, workflow optimization, and emerging technologies. I use my experience

Thomas R. Wiles

Pioneer of podcasting in the trucking industry.

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