Tom Krymkowski

As a Cinematographer I bring my skills in composition, lighting and camera movement to help people tell their stories. This skill set also lends itself to work assisting with post-production needs. As a Video Editor my main focus is story and effectively communicating the goals of the production. I also bring my extensive experience in Public Broadcasting, with it’s emphasis on a high standard of quality and service to community. My past clients include several commercial production companies, representing organizations ranging from Adobe to Zazzle. In addition to all of the corporate work I’ve done, I have been the Director of Photography for over 20 narrative short films, as well as three feature-length movies, some of which have screened in top-tier film festivals around the world.

I have over 20 years of media production experience. I started in Public Broadcasting and have worked in both radio and television – with such organizations as NPR, BBC, KQED San Francisco, and WGBH Boston. I have been an audio mix engineer for several news programs and was considered one of the best in my field. I still serve as a trainer in audio recording and mixing, as well as visual media, for National Public Radio and other organizations.

I’m looking to find the balance between my media production skills and natural teaching proclivities. I’m happiest working at the convergence between art, technology, and anywhere great ideas are found. The more diverse the group the better. I have a knack for recognizing and developing technical and creative talent within an organization – and breaking down complex ideas and processes into learn-able, manageable lessons.

Specialties: Cinematography, Lighting Tech, Videography, Video Editor, Instructor

Adobe Audition, Premiere, Final Cut Pro, and Pro Tools to name a few.

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